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Counselling Services

Two Waters Counselling

– A Talking Therapy

I understand at times we feel very vulnerable, as a Trained Professional, Person-Centred Therapist, I believe everyone who can connect to their authentic self, finds a unique way to grow towards health. However trauma, grief, self-hate and other mental anguish can overwhelm us, confusing the way to wellbeing. We can feel lost, confused or completely worn down. I can hold the space as you decide what is important to explore. If this is you, please do not hesitate to get in touch.


What to expect

  • An initial free 30 minute phone call explaining how I work and what has brought you to counselling. We can see if we feel we're a good fit, as it is important for you to feel okay by finding the right therapist.

  • We can then arrange weekly sessions either face to face, over the phone or via video chat. I will email our agreement to you which we will both sign before we continue to work together.

  • I offer a warm safe, confidential space for us to explore any difficulties you bring.

  • As an Integrative Therapist I pull from different places, strategies and creative ways for you to explore yourself, your life and your relationships.

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